Progress Update

Wow! Time does fly. Before I know it it’s been more than a month since my last post. I know I promised to do anything in my power to reach 1000 subscribers. And what have I done in that 1 month time? Nothing! I haven’t been working on this site, at least. Instead, I’ve been working on my other site, It’s in weight loss niche. People say it’s a nice kinda easy niche to break for newbies… so we’ll see.

So, I just want to update on the progress on what I’ve been doing this past month:

  1. I’ve been posting quite regularly on bountiful.
  2. I’ve created a lead magnet, a squeeze page, and a thank you page. Oh, and also an autoresponder message. I want to do a sequence, but my current autoresponder doesn’t allow me to do that. So I would have to look into using another auto responder for that purpose.
  3. I’ve also built a Facebook Fan Page for Bountiful, but have not yet posted anything.
  4. Also, I’ve put some affiliate links and placed some ads to monetize the site.

After all that I thought I’d be ready to drive some traffic, at least to the squeeze page. But instead, I think I still need to add some contents, at least enough for a month, then it would give me some breathing space to do other things.

I have been using an auto-blogging software to create contents on the site, it might be cheating, but even then I’m still not going as fast as I would like me to.

In the next post, I would probably talk about the software that I’ve discovered and has helped me with contents, traffic, etc.

To recap for now, I think my next move will be (and not necessarily in this order):

  1. Create more contents to last for a month, or two. Currently I’m trying to post something on a daily basis. But I think after a month I will reduce the frequency. And keep reducing the frequency every month until a post per week.
  2. Find another autoresponder and create an autoresponder sequence for a month.
  3. Schedule posts on Facebook Fan Page… and not sure what else. I have never tried Facebook advertising before. I might look into that later.
  4. Apply to Adsense and put some more ads on the posts and pages.
  5. Find ways to get good quality traffic that would convert… hmmm….

Ok folks, that’s it for now. I gotta go work on bountiful 😉

You’re always welcome to have a look and see for yourself where I’m at with that site.

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